I’ve run into several excellent online resources today, and voilà, I share them with you!
1) Via the most excellent Grande Rousse, Charles Baudelaire, with sections on his life, his works, and “regards” (texts about him and his work). Here, to give you a sample, is the first edition of Les Fleurs du mal, one of the great explosions of poetry into an unsuspecting world (they also have the second).
2. wood s lot celebrates Anna Akmatova’s birthday today with a splendid collection of links, the most astonishing of which to me is a video clip of the poet reading a bit of her poem “To the Muse.”
3. Finally, but far from leastly, a hypertext edition of my favorite Faulkner novel (and one of my favorite novels, period), The Sound and the Fury. There are many more good Faulkner links at matteo’s MetaFilter post, from which I took this gem.


  1. The Faulkner hypertext says: “This hypertext is best viewed in browsers that support frames and cascading style sheets. There is no non-frame version”.
    This is incomplete. The conclusion should be “Neener-neener, non-frame-reading suckers!”
    I guess it’s time to buy a new computer.

  2. It’ll be great to finally be able to read Faulkner with the original hyperlinks intact. He was truly ahead of his time.

  3. I reccomend posting more than 1 Faulkner book… It would give readers the ability to contrast his pieces and see if he uses continuous themes (etc..). Also, I would like to hear your imput about the book(s) and why you think that. It’s really great that you have online stories. Keep it up!

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