Avva describes how he hit upon the word “uglyography” (an invention of Southey’s) in the OED, looked for it online, and found exactly one Google hit: on a page of Forthright’s Phrontistery [since 2006 at this URL]. I thought I’d share this remarkable site with you; its primary feature is a “14000-word dictionary of obscure and rare words, the International House of Logorrhea,” and anyone who enjoys the dustier corners of the English vocabulary will want to explore it.


  1. My favorite word in the English language is on that list:

    verbal legerdemain

    It’s Sue’s, too. She even uses it as her prompt on the UNIX system we use. Alas, I am not the logodaedalus I wish I were.

  2. ((drools with love and lust, is unable to type coherently. This is being typed by her cat))

  3. Doug Working says

    I am an inveterate logolept, and have been for many years. I am looking for someplace to chat with others who also can’t get enough words. Can you give me any leads?

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