A new language blog—they’re coming thick and fast! Joshua (of Foolippic and Books Do Furnish A Room) has started Logomacy (Between logomachy and logomancy…) because:

First: I wanted to play around with the WordPress blogging software so that I can move away from the now moribund MovableType 2.6x
Second: Recently I’ve been doing a lot of stuff relating to words and language (reading linguistics blogs, studying Latin and Old English, creating wikis and blogs relating to both those pursuits) and while I’ve been blogging about some of it, I’ve been feeling that none of my current blogs is really appropriate for these topics. The handful of readers of Foolippic, for instance, don’t care about Old English at all (and nor should they).

His latest entry makes an interesting point about learning languages: “all language learning is over-learning. In other words the entire point of learning something in a new language should be to learn it until recall is not just effortless, but comes to mind unbidden before you even have to direct your attention to recall.”


  1. Not sure this is appropriate, but on the subject of new language blogs, I have started one two weeks ago: via de argilla. This blog is entirely written in Interlingua.

  2. Sure, plugging one’s language blog is always appropriate here at LH. Go look at Peter’s blog, Interlingua fans!

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