I’m sure you are all aware that President Niyazov of Turkmenistan has renamed the calendar, but you may have been wondering (as was I) what the new names were. Wonder no more; Alex has provided them (and Avva has pointed my way thither):
January: Turkmenbashi (in honor of the President; it means ‘Head Turkmen’)
February: Navruz (the Persian New Year, except it doesn’t fall in February; Alex’s source says “in honor of the Turkmen flag”—maybe the flag is named “Navruz”??)
April: Gurbansoltan-eje (the President’s mother)
May: Makhtum Kuli (a Turkmen poet)
June: Oguz (a Turkmen military leader)
July: Gorkut (an epic hero)
August: Alp Arslan (a medieval commander)
September: Rukhnama (a book by the President)
October: Independence (the source only gives the translation).
The others are apparently unchanged.

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