Some time back I posted an entry about the people called Hmong in the U.S. and Miao in most other places. I’ve discovered a great site that has Miao mythical and historical narratives and songs both in translation and in the Miao syllabary with interlinear literal translations (pdf files). Anyone interested in the hill cultures of Southeast Asia should pay it a visit.


  1. Since this is your second post about the Miao/Hmong, I assume you would be interested to learn that there is another orthography for the Hmong language, invented in the 1950s by a Hmong messianic hero whose name escapes me. The orthography is a bizarre masterpiece. I think it is called Phajhauj Hmoob or Pahawh Hmong. Check the article in Daniels and Bright.

  2. Yes… you can see it at Omniglot, and there’s a review by Bill Poser of a book (mentioned in a UJG post) on the script and its origin, which includes a fair amount of detail (the review, that is).
    The “Miao syllabary” used on the site is presumably Pollard Miao, which is also fairly interesting.
    (I’ve just been scurrying around trying to find that review again – I had it bookmarked, but lost my bookmarks in a crash a couple of days ago. I suppose I should be glad not to have lost more, really.)

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