I’m too tired to get into the linguistic aspects of my visit, but I want to thank Beth and J. for welcoming us, pouring good wine into us, and making such good conversation that we hated to leave; I also hated to have to make such a short appearance at the Yulblog meeting of Montreal bloggers, particularly since the first person I met there was Zénon and I would have loved to have the chance to talk more with him. He’s as interesting in person as his blog, which presents all manner of things: philosophy, art, poetry, and (yes) language (Mots français d’origine gauloise). In general, we found Montreal a wonderful city and hope to be able to spend much more time there. More details to follow.


  1. I wonder if anyone’s heard of any meeting for bloggers in Atlanta or Savannah or Jacksonville, Florida?
    This might just get me to fork over the money to upgrade my blog.

  2. There was one in Atlanta sometime during July… but I don’t know if you’ll regret having missed it.

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