People seemed to appreciate my earlier post linking to Chinese texts, so I thought I’d pass along the immense treasurehouse that is the Classical Historiography for Chinese History site compiled by Professor Benjamin A. Elman (艾 爾曼) of Princeton University. The Relevant Electronic Resources page has lists of General Resources, Databases and Electronic Texts, Dictionaries, Maps and Geography, and more; the texts section has the Analects, the I Ching, the Dao De Jing (with translations into many languages), novels, poetry… you name it. And the Reference Guide to Classical Book Titles has got to be extremely useful for sinologists. Explore and enjoy. (I should mention that I found it via an anfractuous Googlepath that began with this No-sword post about a great Kyoto University Digital Library exhibition.)

Update (Oct. 2023). The Princeton site has moved here; I frankly don’t understand why they didn’t take the trouble (like decent human beings) to make sure links redirected to the new site, but it’s too much trouble for me to update all the ones above, so you’ll have to go to the new site and click the links there. At least it still exists…


  1. Highly appreciated again, but **intimidating**.

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