Hold onto Your Hats!: An exhibition about the history and meaning of hats and other headwear in Canada. Everything from Protection and Practicality to Hat Lore, with a Reading List and Annotated Bibliography [Christina Bates, Annotated Bibliography on Women’s Hats and the Millinery Trade 1840-1940]. (Via plep [22nd August].)


  1. Speaking of Canada, Medicine Hat has fallen behind language hat in the “hat” Google. L.H ranks 8th, after 2 Cat-in-the-hats, the sinister Black Hat, a toy soldier company (“Hat” with an umlaut), and a number of companies selling hats. Including one Canadian company selling Tilley hats.

  2. Ha! Next I will crush Baby Bee and that Dr. Seuss book; then — on to the Tilleys!

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