Back in August I posted about an odd development by which a minor Indonesian language, Cia-Cia, was using Korean hangul as a writing system; Victor Mair has an update at the Log. (I apologize for scanty posting; my computer is still hors de combat, and I’ve been trying to get a book edited. Hopefully regular languagehatting will resume shortly.)


  1. [“Scanty”?? A post a day (just about), cumulatively with more information and stimulation than most readers (this one, surely) can keep up with . . . Plenty fulsome, language hat, for which: thanks, and best wishes for a letter-litter-allotted 2010.]

  2. I’m with deadgod on this one – your posting is anything but scanty – always worthwhile and more than frequent enough, especially given thst it is the season for lazy overindulgence. Enjoy it!

  3. John Emerson says

    Don’t let them sweet talk you, Hat. You’re right, your posting has been insufficient, but I respect you for admitting that. You’re on the road to recovery.

  4. Cia-Cia: Spoken in Langley-Langley ?
    As a spectacularly irregular blogger, I echo deadgod and Stuart.
    John: You’re not a schoolmaster by any chance ?

  5. I agree with deadgod. Also, you’ve managed to create one of the best and most eclectic comment spaces on the Web, which frequently keeps up the interest factor of a post long after it’s gone up.

  6. Also, you’ve managed to create one of the best and most eclectic comment spaces on the Web
    Hey, don’t look at me—all I do is leave comments open. It’s you maniacs who create the eclectic stuff.

  7. michael farris says

    ‘fraid I have to agree with Emerson, there hasn’t been nearly enough free ice cream lately.
    I think hat needs to decide once and for all which is more important – paying the bills or keeping the rabble entertained.

  8. I vote for peach ice cream with chocolate rabble cookie chips.

  9. All right, all right, ice cream for everyone.

  10. We all scream for ice cream.

  11. John Emerson says

    To think that he abandoned us on Christmas, of all times.

  12. There’s no such thing as a free ice cream.

  13. John Emerson says

    The Baby Jesus will whup his ass. You don’t mess with the Baby Jesus. It’s good will toward men, or else, baby.

  14. Good will towards persons.

  15. John Emerson says

    The Virgin Mary takes care of good will toward ladies, IIRC.

  16. Coffee ice cream for me, please, with about as much extra-dark-chocolate syrup.
    (That last bit of ‘mystery’ porridge was [eh] troubling.)

  17. Rupert Steggles is just the sort of warped person who would not believe in free ice cream. If you found him offering ice cream, you could be sure he was up to something, maybe trying to hobble a contestant in an egg-and-spoon race.

  18. Goodwill only towards makers of lefse (of any gender).

  19. Re: comments — does anyone have a way of keeping track if new comments have been added to a thread you’ve commented in? And of which posts you’ve commented on?

  20. I just check the “Recently Commented On” section on the right; other than that, I’m afraid there’s no “notify me of new comments” function. This is a very primitive (vintage 2003) blog.

  21. Cool.

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