More on Gyalrongic and Sino-Tibetan.

Since LH has recently featured a fair amount of discussion of (R)gyalrongic languages, Chinese, and Tibeto-Burman (1, 2), I thought I’d post the links that Guillaume Jacques sent me to his paper “Tangut, Gyalrongic, Kiranti and the Nature of Person indexation in Sino-Tibetan/Trans-Himalayan” (published ahead of print in Linguistic Vanguard) and a blog post (in French) that briefly presents the debate, Le proto-sino-tibétain, une langue flexionnelle? Those interested in the topic should enjoy them.


  1. Greg Pandatshang says

    Finally got a chance to read this paper last week, too late unfortunately to also pay attention to the session. Very entertaining paper, as I would expect no less.

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