Thomas More’s daughter Margaret More Roper, trained in the classics, not only wrote in Greek and Latin but translated from those languages; you can read about her instant emendation of a difficult passage from St. Cyprian in this entry at the marvelous Eudæmonist—where you will also read about Margaret’s daughter Mary:

This gentlewoman verie handsomlie translated the Eccliesiasticall historie of Eusebius out of Greeke into Latyn, and after into English yet extant, to the shame of the hereticall [translation] of Meridith Hanmer … She translated the Historie of Socrates, Theodoretus, Sozomenus and Euagrius. Theis of her modestie [she] caused to be suppressed. She also translated a treatiese of her grandfather, Sir Thomas, made vpon passion; and so elegantlie and so eloquentlie hath penned it that a man would thinke it were originallie written in the English tongue by Sir Thomas hym selfe.

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