A very nice site called Moroccan Vocabulary (new this month) lives up to its subtitle, “Moroccan Word a Day.” Monday’s word was zrbiyya ‘carpet’; there’s grammatical information (the undefined feminine plural is zrâbi, for instance), a sample sentence, and a picture. The author says “I am simply a Moroccan, trying to share the beauty of my dialect and culture,” and he or she is certainly doing a good job. Many thanks to Liosliath of Morocco Time for the link!


  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog. As you said, it’s still new, and I am working on keeping up the regular basis posting, updated every now and then.
    I don’t think I saw Arabic among the 13 languages you listed..
    PS: I am a “she”.

  2. No, I studied Arabic a while back but gave up too quickly. I should give it another try.

  3. Good find! A good site; I just wish they’d include the Arabic script, rather than make me have to guess what transcription method they have in mind.

  4. @languagehat:
    Good luck with brushing up your Arabic knowledge, and hats off for all those languages you can speak.
    Someone suggested the same thing, I am confident it will help better thant the transliteration, so I’ll include that soon.

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