A big hello to Meredith, whose Linguistiblog looks very promising; she doesn’t give an e-mail address, so I can’t drop her a line, but I assume she’ll see this eventually. Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Update (July 2019). The blog is long gone; here‘s an archived version from later in 2003.


  1. Ohayoo gozaimasu to you as well! My apologies for the lack of an email link; I’m still getting matters in order, not being especially familiar with the ins and outs of Blogger. (My primary journal’s on LJ, as you can see.) Linguistiblog is also partially maintained by Ryan Gabbard, who hasn’t added anything yet, but hopefully will soon.

    I’d actually had no idea there were so many linguistics blogs out there, so I really hope I can contribute. Thanks for the welcome!

  2. Blogger’s easy (if cranky); I literally knew nothing about HTML when I started, so I used View Source when I saw something I liked on somebody else’s blog and pasted it into my template — at first with fear and trembling, then with more confidence. If you want advice at any point, feel free to drop me a line! We linguisticians have to stick together.

  3. ‘Linguistician’ is an interesting word. In my experience, it’s most commonly used by non-linguists, e.g. academics in literary departments, to refer to linguists and has negative implications for a few reasons (sounds pompous/pretentious, deliberately getting the name wrong, etc.)

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