The Pedagogical Grammar of Nuer is a product of the IU Libraries African Studies Collection in collaboration with the IU Digital Library Program (the former has a useful page of websites for Africanists); besides the lessons and exercises, there is a translation of the Book of Genesis into Nuer (one of the Nilotic languages of the southern Sudan). Via wood s lot.


  1. Thanks, languagehat – I’m able to use some of this in a project I’m busy with at the moment.

  2. I thought of you when I ran across it.

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  4. johnson khan deng says

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    may our almighty GOD bless you

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  6. I like to Talk and Nuer language?

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  8. wiyuallam Riek says

    nice to creat the nuer wedsid

  9. Hi everybody thank you for supporting my language. I’m a Nuer. I’m pleased to share today that “I have an idea to reduce the Nuer vowels from 15 to only 5 vowels. And I’m willing to do so. Why so that it will be easier to write, read and smart.
    What do think Nuer developers?
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