Or, the practical importance of punctuation, at PartiallyClips.
(Thanks, Songdog!)
Incidentally, I’m flying to California tomorrow, and for the first time I’m taking my laptop (having observed that others seem to do it without incident, and reassured by the answers to my AskMeFi question), so hopefully there will be at most a day’s hiatus. But you never know, so I thought I’d mention it.


  1. Y’know, if he were such a precisian as to change his plea on splitting an infinitive, he would have adhered to the which/that “rule” in his first sentence, too.

  2. Still, the title alone is such a wonderful pun.
    Did you ever hear anything more about that legal threat from several months ago?

  3. It went away. Thanks for asking!

  4. Nobody seems to have noticed that “invoice” is the wrong word. The guy who sent the dog would have received a “purchase order”. He would, in turn, have sent the FBI an “invoice” in order to obtain payment.

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