As a follow-up to yesterday’s Languagegeek post, here’s Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage:, the site of “a nonprofit organization based on Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario Canada that was established to help preserve and nurture the Iroquoian languages and songs.” There’s a Language page with sound samples, fonts, and statistics. (Via Uncle Jazzbeau’s Gallimaufrey.)


  1. This is quite wonderful – thanks – I’m glad to have this small entry into Iroquois languages, having grown up in central New York surrounded by their words as place names, but not knowing what they mean. I hope this site will expand.

  2. Ernie Benedict from Akwesasne taught me some songs for Alligator Dances which are Iroquian social dances. They were brought into the Confederacy by the Tuscaroras when they joined in the 18th century.
    Not too many alligators around Lake Ontario! I love the borrowing…it reminds me that our cultures ARE still alive, despite what the text books might try to tell you…

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