Christopher Culver has a post with some nice resources for those who love Old Irish (and it’s one of those things, like Laphroaig, that you either love or hate): The Voyage of Bran and Aided Froích (‘The Death of Fróech’), both in Gaelic and English, a timeline showing the development from ogham to Modern Irish and Scots Gaelic using the word for ‘daughter’ as an example, and a photographically reproduced text of Kuno Meyer’s 1909 Irish Metrics.


  1. Sometimes I wish I could speak more Irish (Modern Irish, that is). I’m jealous that my girlfriend is bilingual (English and Afrikaans, with a little bit of Zulu too), and part of me regrets not picking up what is supposed to be my mother tongue. I mean, even my name is ‘as Gaeilge’, but I don’t speak the language! Alas, I hated it at school, and that was that…

  2. “I hated it at school, and that was that…”
    The shoot yourself in the foot approach to langugae revival, like managing to teach kids to hate parsnips. I think beating kids when they slip and speak the language is likelier to help a language survive.

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