Charles Kelly’s Online Japanese Language Study Materials are “free-to-use online materials that I have developed to help people study Japanese.” Looks like good stuff, and for you Mac users, he’s got crossword puzzles too! (Via Plep, who also links to a Wolof course—but it costs money, so I didn’t make a post of it.)


  1. Thanks, it look like he has some useful stuff there.

  2. As someone who lived in Nagoya for over a decade, let me assure you that the section “How to Speak Nagoya-Ben” is, shall we say, incomplete…
    Treat that part as light humor.

  3. There is a bunch of useful stuff there — thanks for the pointer!

  4. Boo: is the “myaa” part accurate?

  5. I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago. I should’ve done a post about it. Oh well.

  6. Matt: Yeah, Nagoya’s populated by cat people.
    There are lots of books like 大名古屋語辞典 (the 大 is pronounced “Dyaa”) that indicate Nagoya-ben is a little industry unto itself.

  7. Do they really use どえりゃー in Nagoya proper?
    (A friend from southern Aichi always used でーれー.)

    Anyone just starting out might want to give a listen to my new international dance hit called THE HIRAGANA SONG, soon to be a major global hit for the summer of 2006 and already being used in classrooms across the world

  9. pritam tigga says

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  10. Hiragana Teacher says

    Re: my new international dance hit called THE HIRAGANA SONG.
    Pronunciation is sometimes wrong so this would be a dangerous way to learn Hiragana. I assume you’ve been out of Japan for a long, long time, or never actually spoke Japanese with a native speaker.

  11. danny bloom says

    new beta version test 2 avail now. email me here

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