George Starbuck channels Ogden Nash (or should I say Aughdheghn Naiche?) in his paean to orthographic anarchy “The Spell Against Spelling,” which begins:

My favorite student lately is the one who wrote about feeling clumbsy.
I mean if he wanted to say how it feels to be all thumbs he
Certainly picked the write language to right in in the first place.
I mean better to clutter a word up like the old Hearst place
Than to just walk off the job and not give a dam.
Another student gave me a diagragm.
“The Diagragm of the Plot in Henry the VIIIth.”
Those, though, were instances of the sublime.
The wonder is in the wonders they can come up with every time…

If you want to read the rest, and I know you do, head over here; my thanks to Mark Liberman for quoting it on Language Log, and to Sarah Bagby for painstakingly typing it up and sending it to him.


  1. Thank you for that much needed relief.

  2. That is just delightful.

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