The names of the planets in dozens of languages, including Maltese, Old Czech, and Uzbek (which gets the prize for Most Bizarre-Looking Planetary Names in a Modern Language: Quyosh, Utorid, Zuhra, Yer, Oy, Mirrikh, Mushtarij, Zuhal; Oy is the moon, in case you were wondering). Deep thanks to Where Threads Come Loose Incoming Signals!


  1. Just breifly delurking to say that I am freaked out by this.

    Just the other day I was thinking to myself “Why do the Vulcans on Star Trek call their planet Vulcan. Surely they have their own name for it?” and that quickly segued into “I wonder what Earth is called in other languages”.

    And now you come up with this link.


  2. Shoot! I can spell briefly really. I just can’t type it.

  3. Those Uzbek names are really cool!

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