Potawatomi is a member of the widespread Algonquian (or Algonkian) family; the Potawatomi people started out around Lake Michigan but were forced into reservations elsewhere. I recently ran across the potawatomilang.org website, well worth the while of anyone interested in Amerind languages.

Update (May 2018): URL now redirects to an obnoxious commercial site, so I’ve removed the link.


  1. Teywa Si says

    Hello, 15 years later,
    I have seen potawatomilang.org linked across several various academic and non-academic articles and posts across the Iinternet as a great resource for learning Potawatomi. Upon visiting their website, I have found the site automatically redirects to “ayahuascahealings.com” and is now advertising for Ayahuasca retreats.

    The most disturbing part of this website are the words on the redirect landing page when you come from the now non-existent Potawatomi language site: “Are you wanting to get a deeper sense of who you really are? To live your highest potential?” and various other questions relating to finding answers about your individuality etc.
    “These questions – or others that may be similar…
    Have led you to this page. And this page, these words, us meeting, is no mistake.”

    Well, I will tell you, being redirected to the “Ayahuasca healing” page IS no mistake. It is intentional on the behalf of the new domain owner.

    If you are trying to learn Potawatomi, my best guess is that you are from Potawatomi descent and feeling estranged from your cultural identity and trying to get back to your roots by learning your ancestral language. I feel that this landing page advertising Ayahuasca retreats is exploitative, poising itself as a solution to the estrangement we may feel as individuals trying to gain strength in our cultural and individual identities. I would like to offer a friendly reminder to all those who read this who are trying to learn Potawatomi, that although there may very well be medicinal qualities in Ayahuasca ceremony that is properly conducted, it is not the quick-fix cure to any problems we have. Taking Ayahuasca or indulging in any other drugs will not bring you back closer to your ancestral roots as a member of the Potawatomi nation. Please remember to walk the good path, and remember to have a strong mind and strong heart. Keep trying to learn your language and persevere.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  2. Thanks very much, both for the warning and for commenting on this poor forgotten post; I’ll remove the link, and will be grateful for any decent substitutes.

  3. Excellent links both, thanks!

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