Preserving Laz.

I don’t normally link to videos, but Saving Turkey’s endangered Laz language is only a bit over three minutes long, and you can not only hear a little of that Caucasian language but see a brief clip of a Laz dictionary. (Laz previously on LH.) Thanks, Trevor!


  1. David Marjanović says

    “Caucasian” in the geographic sense; it’s a Kartvelian language closest to Mingrelian.

  2. David Marjanović says

    Another video, if perhaps less informative; a demonstration of phonology and alphabet (Turkish-based), complete with minimal pairs for distinctions Turkish lacks, like aspirates vs. just-barely-ejectives; one more presenting just the letters that are different from Turkish.

  3. Thanks, that last video is really useful.

  4. Andrew Dunbar says

    Wow it sounded exactly like Georgian to me.
    Mingrelian sounded more different when I heard it during my time in Georgia.

    The people and the villages looked more Georgian than I expected too.

    I would love a copy of that dictionary for my collection!

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