Des, over at Desbladet, takes time off from his princessor to deliver the following killing blow:

Monsieur Soutet has published work on languages as diverse as Old French, medieval French, Renaissance French and contemporary French, and it certainly shows.

He’s responding to the following asseveration on the part of the learned M. Soutet:

Dans le quotidien de son expérience, l’homme ne vit la pluralité linguistique ni comme un problème métaphysique, ni comme un scandale existentiel, mais, plus banalement, comme une entrave à la libre communication et au développement des échanges.
[In everyday experience linguistic diversity isn’t experienced either as a metaphysical problem or as an existential scandal, but, more mundanely, as a hindrance to free communication and the development of exchanges.]
O. Soutet, Linguistique


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