“The Reanimation Library is a small, independent library based in Brooklyn. It is a collection of books that have fallen out of mainstream circulation. Outdated and discarded, they have been culled from thrift stores, stoop sales, and throw-away piles across the country and given new life as resource material for artists, writers, and other cultural archeologists.” Their mission, their FAQ, and a personal history of the library. I’m sure there are “books are your friends” fundamentalists who find the reuse of books for unintended purposes distasteful, but as long as they aren’t rarities, I don’t have a problem with it. (Of course, I’m a proud owner of one of the editions of Tom Phillips’s A Humument, I would say that, wouldn’t I?)


  1. The hidden link thing is a bit strange (the question mark in the answer for the last FAQ). Wonder how they did it.

  2. The source shows a CSS style called “hidden”, so they’ve obviously written a style for that particular link to ensure that it looks exactly like ordinary text.

  3. How do you see the source? Is that the source code?

  4. Crown, A.J.P. says

    Did anyone else have a message appear on their screen yesterday that said that Language had ‘exceeded his bandwidth’ and had been taken to bloggers’ prison? At first I thought they were talking about his hat size, but then I realised they were telling him in a roundabout way that unless he went out and spent a lot of money on something obscure and boring, this was goodbye. Luckily for us, he paid them off, I guess.
    So, from now on, if anyone’s feeling a bit too cocky around here they better watch out they don’t, oops: ‘exceed their bandwidth’.

  5. Yeah, it was annoying, but Insider Hosting straightened it out as soon as I got their attention.

  6. When I was shopping for blog hosting I was looking at users’ comments that said at the end of the month sometimes certain companies would run out of a poorly defined “bandwidth” for some obscure reason. I was trying to guess from the time Hat came back on line what country his server might be located in where it was November 1 already. I know from looking at my WordPress stats the “day” resets sometime in the early evening here.
    I did see he got overrun by spambots right before the message.

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