Now, this [“Instructor working with children to try to save the Dakotah language”] and this [a Providence Journal article not available at the Internet Archive, July 2023] (unlike this) show how to keep languages alive. And the Cornish are hanging tough. (Via Pat, Mister Endangered Languages.)


  1. Aha! So _that’s_ where the anger in the breadbaking quote came from…. The Dakotas.

    I have trouble being gentle with dough, I have to admit. Now I know my bread doesn’t work. Too bad-tempered…

  2. Ah, Mark, I was just about to comment on that! 🙂
    I was taught that by Ukrainians. You have to be happy while baking. It’s bread magic, I assume.

  3. There’s something to be said for angry kneading.


    And I think we need to start some sort of Cornish pep squad… just, you know, schedule something once a week where we all stand up in our chairs and say “GO CORNISH!”

    Or something.


  4. I know what you mean about Go-Cornish-Go. I’ve been cheering them on since I put them in my ‘dead languages’ section and then added a guilty note about “er maybe not…”

    If Cornish can revive and survive, so can all those beautiful weights and measures like the Persian ‘batman’, the Arabic ‘tola’, the Japanese ‘tsubo’, the Ottoman ‘oka’, the Hungarian ‘fournail’…

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