Scipio Scripsit is the blog of someone who, frustrated that [he had found] blogs about Latin but none in Latin (or, as he puts it, “Plurimi de latina, sed nullos in ipsa latina”), decided to remedy the deficiency. [Note: I should have checked before taking his word for it that there were no others; see next entry.] (He’s a real blogger, too—in his second post he has a picture of his dog Bomilcar.) Gaudete omnes! (Via Classics in Contemporary Culture.)
Update. Aug. 2006: Blog appears to be defunct, or, as the blogger would have put it, defunctus.


  1. Excellent. The writer at the Spectator who complained about one Oxford Classics teacher saying that “no-one actually writes or speaks Latin any more” should like this.

  2. John Emerson says

    Bomilcar delanda est. Obviously no Roman.

  3. I love it. Now we will all want to be like Meg More who was able to take on Henry viii in Latin. See my post Meditations on Utopia

  4. Special bonus plug: his other blog, the Absorbascon, is one of my favorites on the subject of comic books.

  5. Mea etiam cum sim apud conventiculum, nempe hoc anno a die 29 Iulii usque ad 6 Augusti.

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