All right, this isn’t exactly Nobel Prize material here, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for this brand of dumb humor: Beautiful Stuff has posted a Ridiculously Large List of Silly Names, with links to still more silly names at the bottom of the page. (I search in vain, however, for Claude Balls, author of The Tiger’s Revenge.)


  1. Walter Walcarpet…
    heh heh.

  2. Oral Vest, here in Portland.

  3. Lived quite close to a certain C. Wright, Optician.

  4. One of my Korean students chose her English name as Easy. To top it off, she is really hot! When I finally got around to telling her the connotations of her name, she turned every shade of red under the book.
    Can’t have your students travelling to Canada with an English name of Easy.

  5. Hee. I always wanted to change my last name to “Reckonwith.”

  6. Ha!

  7. Going Dotty in Kansas says

    I got a laugh this past holiday season when my sister opened the local phone book (Cape Cod) and discovered both “Al Cohol” and “C. Breeze”.

  8. i went to a performance of “la gran scena opera company” here in DC a few years ago and now remember the “great hungarian tenor” in the cast: fyodor szedan! hahaha!

  9. Laze ‘n gem, we has a winnaugh.

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