Site Announcement II.

The indefatigable Songdog has been working on some of the issues that have concerned us and many of you; he has shrunk the post titles by 1/3, added space at the margins, and darkened the comment box text (if those of you who were bothered by light text would like it still darker, say so — he says “I can darken it all the way to None More Black”).

On the downside, all pages except the home page seem to be returning a 404; he has opened an urgent ticket with the hosting service and will report back.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope all will be restored to normal soon.

While we wait, a bit of comic relief: forensic semiotics. As my mother used to say, I never thought the subject would come up. (Thanks, Paul!)


  1. Well, this page seems to be working, at least. Just nothing else.

  2. Well, it seems to be fixed.

  3. Flush your browser cache, Tim.

  4. I don’t need to, John, they’re all working now. My comment above didn’t show up immediately when I posted it, either.

  5. Just a heads-up for Hattics who haven’t realized it yet: Whereas clicking on the “Comments” link in the old LH would give you a little page with just the comments on it (usually in a too-narrow window), clicking on it now lands you on the page for the post, scrolled down to the first comment. So the link is a much more useful thing to click on.

  6. Also, if you click on the post under the heading “Recent Comments,” it takes you to the latest comment on that page. So really, especially for current threads, it’s a pretty neat set-up: the title of the post will simply take you to that post, “Comments” will take you to the top of the comments, and what I described above will take you to the bottom.

  7. There’s something iffy about the css when it comes to post titles: first, the last two are not in all caps on the Recent Posts list. Second, titles of the posts show up in all caps in FF and IDE, but not in Safari on iOS 7.

  8. the last two are not in all caps on the Recent Posts list

    That’s deliberate; over the years I’ve gotten complaints about the all-caps titles, so Songdog suggested that I enter them headline style and he would style them all caps on the LH page (to maintain consistency) but they would look more “normal” in people’s RSS feeds and so on. It’s true it makes the Recent Posts list look weird at the moment, but in a week or so all the all-caps titles will have scrolled off it.

  9. LH, that’s what I thought too.

    But I want to ask again why I need to enter my name and address every time I want to comment on a new post (unless I have already made a comment on that post in the same session). Those details used to appear automatically unless written from a different computer (when I always forgot to enter them)

  10. I don’t know. Are other people having this problem consistently? I’ve had to enter my name and address a few times, but if you have to do it every time, that’s quite annoying.

  11. For instance, I had to do it right now even though I wrote the previous comment only a short time ago.

  12. Yes, I too have to enter name, email, website every time. Double-clicking in the various fields may bring up some choices you’ve used in the past. This is just your browser, so it should work to some degree on all sites, not just LH — provided your browser can do it.

  13. narrowmargin says

    As for the appearance, I’d prefer the type to be much darker. If not “none more black”, at least near it. Just easier to read.

  14. marie-lucie says

    I am with narrowmargin in this.

    And why are italics in the text (not the comment) as light as the comments? The slanted letters and recessed (?) lines (in an italics block) are enough to make the quotes distinctive.

  15. marie-lucie says

    I don’t want to be complaining all the time: I am glad that the capitals are being replaced by regular letters, which are much more legible.

    And the font in the comment box is a smaller version of the regular font, and it is black!

    Thank you on all counts, LH and Songdog!

  16. More thanks: I no longer have to write my name and address every time, the new system remembers me, just as the old one did.

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