I am astonished to discover that six years have gone by since the first LH post. I wish I had time to mull that over and produce some wise ruminations, or at least count the new countries I’ve had visits from (Tonga! Dominica! Lesotho!), but I’m in full deadline-panic mode on the book I’m copyediting, so all I can do is note the fact, murmur about tempus fuguing, and offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has commented and sent me e-mails; without the feedback (and suggestions for post ideas) I’d have given up years ago.
Addendum. The Daily Growler, whose proprietor is an old friend and mentor (and the only boss I’ve ever had who kept my respect and affection), has a flattering post reminiscing about how we met and started working together (along with the usual unstoppable flow of memories and ruminations); I’ll excerpt these bits on hats and computers:

And L Hat wore his copyrighted Panama straws in the summer, from Ecuador, where real Panama hats come from, and his copyrighted grey Borsolino felt skypiece in the winter! He also wore a Greek fisherman’s hat, too, when he was being a wanderer–standard apparel for wandering individualists in those days–and boy did my staff have fun for several years–several lusty years…
And when computers came along, L Hat and I began discovering the Hog Heaven aspects of them–and then when we got hooked up to the Internet, forget about it! We’d found a library within a teevee set that we could access in nanosecond speeds…

As I said in my comment to his post, “the internet was made for the likes of us. Every day I shake my head in amazement at my luck in living to make use of it.”


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and thanks.

  2. Arthur Crown says

    I was wondering what the great Robert Irwin, American artist, was doing writing about Antwerp in the TLS, but it’s apparently someone else. Congratulations on the sixty years of blogs. Now if you had become an academic (or a psychoanalyst, or were unemployed for that matter) you wouldn’t have to work in the sunny months. Unemployment has the shortest retraining.

  3. komfo,amonan says

    Tanti auguri!

  4. Congrats LH! Looking forward to many more years of informative posts.

  5. Selamet deh.

  6. Much of what you write about goes over my head, without ever making me feel excluded. Thank you.

  7. Congratulations! Onnes olkoon! Six years is a long time in blog years. Wishing you many more years..

  8. Mange tak!

  9. La multi ani, hat!

  10. fimus scarabaeus says

    Top of the morning to yer, and the rest of time for the readers to enjoy more delightful informative blogs

  11. rootlesscosmo says

    Lucky, Pozzo, and all the gang down at Sam’s Body and Fender Shop say mazel tov!

  12. Sto lat!

  13. Thanks for six great years!

  14. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

  15. D’Oh! I swapped pronouns halfway through. That’s what I get for suddenly deciding to neuter your blog.
    Undskyld …

  16. Congratulations on 6 years. I’ve only been reading your blog for half that long, but I have enjoyed every post, and while I agree with zhoen’s words, “Much of what you write about goes over my head, without ever making me feel excluded.” I have to add that your enthusiasm and ability to involve the amateurs, dilettantes and dabblers has meant that now a tiny fraction less goes whizzing over my head and that is a great feeling. Kia ora!

  17. John Emerson says

    Best blog (and comment section) on the internet, if you ask me.

  18. John Emerson says

    Best blog (and comment section) on the internet, if you ask me.

  19. 6周年おめでとうございます!

  20. Domo arigato! (I can’t read Japanese, but I can fake it with Popjisyo.)

  21. Many thanks for what you’ve done, and many wishes for many more.
    And here’s a present: proof that Chaucer spoke Yiddish.
    House of Fame Book I line 53
    And shelde hem fro poverte and shonde

  22. Bosnia (well, a Bosnian at least) represents!

  23. Mmm. Tempura fuguing! Sounds dangerous. Six years, and still got steam coming out of your old boiler. Good on you. And better for all of us who read you.

  24. Happy 6th Blogiversary!

  25. Спасибо за лучший блог в Интернете! 🙂

  26. Can’t even speak me own language proper, so I won’t even try to compete wiv wot’s above. You’ve done a bluddy good job, me old china.

  27. 恭喜恭喜!能6年如一日般做一件事本身就很了不起,更何况你的作品如此精彩。

  28. Siganus Sutor says

    Zoli koze ! Nou ava rekoz tousala dan sis banane…

  29. mollymooly says

    For your Iron Anniversary, I wish you many lithe jackies in white blouses.

  30. Äijän passiboi da kiitokšie Kielihatulla mahtavimmasta da mielenkiintozimmasta blogista netissä! 😀 Uon aina tykännyn lugie tätä blogie, da toivon šillä lisiä vuozie!

  31. OT (cause it wouldn’t be LH otherwise):
    For those of you whose reaction to the Dave list was the same as mine, here it is.

  32. paldies, draugs! 🙂

  33. Belated congratulations!

  34. Go maire tú, a hata, agus go raibh míle maith agat as an sar-obair atá á dhéanamh agat le sé bhliana anuas.

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