The Golden Age Spanish Sonnets site has a collection of sonnets with English translations and explanations of allusions:

At this point I have 109 sonnets with translations posted. I have also included some links to other web sites… Bibliographies for each poet are now available… A general index of mythological links, as well as links to specific mythological allusions in the sonnets, has also been posted… Visitors to this site are invited to submit their own translations and/or commentary.

(Via Plep.)


  1. Lope de Vega wrote a large number of wonderful little songs, on a par with the songs of Shakespeare.
    His sonnets might be good too. However, one of them gets my prize for the funniest unintentional-comedy poem in all literature.
    In the 12 lines the poet implores Jesus not to abandon him, puffing up that simple idea into 12 lines by various obvious devices. (Lope wrote very fast and skillfully, but he did not have the density of, for example, Rilke.)
    The final couplet says something like — “but why am I fretting about this? You can’t leave me, because you’re nailed down”.

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