Spoken Language Quiz.

Can you guess the language being spoken? Takes a while to load (at least it did for me), but worth it. I got fewer wrong than I would have expected; I was not at all surprised that one of the ones I missed was European Portuguese (see this LH post). Thanks, Bathrobe!

Update. It seems to be loading pretty much instantaneously now; perhaps they fixed something. Give it a try!


  1. squadron leader squiffy von bladet says

    I guessed roughly the ones I guessed I would guess, so I guess my metaguessing is in pretty good shape at least?

  2. Il vergognoso says

    Tried twice, got all for both.

  3. Nice when you do it the first time, but they keep repeating not only the samples, but even the sets, so trying it several times is a bit futile (except if people want to deceive themselves concerning their language recognition skills).

  4. Yeah, that disappointed me too. It would be great if they expanded it.

  5. George Gibbard says

    I got tripped up on Swahili: the sample had examples of pre-pausal consonants v and z, which were not something I expected to happen in Swahili (even Arabic tafaðˠðˠal ‘please (e.g. come in, sit down)’ has to become tafadhali in standard Swahili), so I guessed Zulu, but it was indeed Swahili.

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