It’s Spooner’s Day! Grab your binoculars and let’s go word botching! (Via wood s lot.)


  1. I ordered a “Maccha Latteacho” instead of a Latte Macchiato the other day. The waitress just nodded her head, but my friend had a good laugh.

  2. I read this many years ago, and immediately memorized it. It was credited to one of the Pythons (Terry Jones, maybe?), but I can’t remember which one:
    A Port Shoem
    by the Speverend Rooner
    I’ve a gouse and a hard-on in the country,
    An ace to call my plown.
    A treat I can replace to
    When I bead to knee alone.
    Yes, wature here is nunderful;
    There is no weed for nerds.
    While silling by windowflutter
    Biny little turds.

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