IX: 2010-11
Kotlovan. I look forward to reading this wonderful book again.
A Draft of Mandelstam. My translation spawned the longest LH thread ever.
The Bookshelf: Cognitive Poetics and Cultural Memory. Mikhail Gronas’s first book was terrific; I can’t wait for his next.
Wonderful Live Starlets. My amusement at a typo led to a very interesting discussion.
The Affirmative Action Empire. My final post on this superb book; links to the preceding three.
Mimesis. Discussion of Auerbach and pronunciation.
Collegium. Another long and winding thread.
Buddhavacana. Much ado about ambiguity.
Dudine. Dudes and baseball.


  1. dearieme says

    Since nobody is commenting on topic, I shall comment off topic. I’ve just read Shapiro’s “Contested Will” about the who-wrote-Shakespeare stramash/stishie/imbroglio/shemozzle/furore/brouhaha/wrangle/set to/fracas.
    It’s a hoot.

  2. There’s not really such a thing as a topic in these anniversary roundup posts, so random remarks are even more welcome than usual. Here‘s an enjoyable Hilary Mantel review of Shapiro’s book.

  3. Ok in that case I’m going to repost your link of Buttermilk the bouncing goat right back at you, Language. There’s no reason goats shouldn’t be shown here too, is there? They like books, in fact they’ll eat letters and all sorts of vegetable matter.
    I liked that book 1599: A Year in the Life of Shakespeare.

  4. dearieme says

    Yes, 1599 is excellent. Thanks for the link to the Mantel review, Hat.
    I particularly liked Ben Johnson’s account of the man, which boils down to he was marvellous but would have been even better with a good editor.

  5. Language is a good editor.

  6. In my part of the world “girl” is used among young women the way “dude” is among bros. “Hey, girl,” and “So long, girl,” are common among close friends.

  7. Ha ha, I meant to make this comment in the ‘Dudine’ post. I too need an editor.

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