I am in awe of Mark Woods, who’s been putting out wood s lot for ten years now. It’s all I can do to crank out a post a day; you could say Mark puts out a post a day too, but each of his is equivalent to a dozen or two of mine. He somehow finds the time and energy to put together a collection of images, links, and quotes that make my mind and soul feel a little better stocked; of late he usually includes one or two of his own gorgeous photographs as well. (Check out the grand old oak at the top of today’s entry.) And I’ve doubtless swiped more links from him over the years than from any other source, which gives me yet another selfish reason to wish him many more years of finding and sharing the best the civilized internet has to offer. As the Greeks say to the preparer of a meal, γεια στα χέρια σου: health to your hands!

Update. Mark died February 9, 2017; see my memorial post.


  1. As a (horrible, horrible) autodidact of Homeric Greek, I’d be interested to know how you got hold of that nice Greek font. I’m wondering if it’s hard to get….

  2. The same expression is used in Turkish: elinize sağlık.

  3. In Arabic the formal phrase for the one who brings the ubiquitous tea is “islamu idayk” (or “islamu idaykee”-feminine), meaning “bless your hands”-so that you may continue to serve more tea and be able to provide the hospitality that is so important to the culture.

  4. I love his blog, but I do wish Mark took comments. I’ve always wondered why it’s called “s lot”.

  5. He addressed that at some point years ago, but I forget the details except that he liked the ambiguity. You could always write him and ask.

  6. Okay.

  7. Malcolm Thor Ray says

    I actually appreciate the lack of commenting at s lot. It feels right with his aesthetic.

  8. Yes, congrats to Mark from the Wolf Man. We seem to be of the same generation–especially when it comes to photography and the photographers from the past we both idolize–and, yes, the thinkers, too…
    On seeing that the patriarch of the Hennessey family just kicked the bucket a few days back, he was 111 or something ridiculous like that, I went out and bought a bottle of 5-star Hennessey in order to drink a toast to his departing spirit. I have about half a bottle left, so I’m raising a glass of 5-star Hennessey in honor of Mark out in the s lot for ten long years.
    …of course it’s Wood s Lot as in the wood lot with the s being the s on Woods. Aha. Divinations are my wolfish specialty…Cheers!

  9. What’s the wood lot?

  10. Woodlot “is a term used in North America to refer to a segment of a woodland or forest capable of small-scale production of forest products…. In Britain a woodlot would be called a wood, woodland or coppice.”

  11. I’d be interested to know how you got hold of that nice Greek font
    Sorry, it’s just what shows up when I paste Greek text into the box and hit Post. I don’t even know whether we’re seeing the same font.

  12. Thanks, guys. Alles klar!

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