The Brothers K for the 21st Century.

Check out this book cover. (Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. The Bros Karamazov. Too obvious, I know.

  2. The novel’s name could be literally translated as Nigga Bros, you know…

  3. Blackface Bros, rather.

  4. It probably was just “blackface” back in Dostoyevsky days. But in 21st century it means something else

    чернома́зый • (černomázyj) m anim (genitive чернома́зого, nominative plural чернома́зые, genitive plural чернома́зых, feminine чернома́зая)

    (offensive, ethnic slur) wog, nigger (an offensive term for a dark-skinned person, an immigrant from Central Asia or the Caucasus)

  5. Dostoyevsky’s notes for the novel are really something.

  6. That’s not even the worst one!? … Are these a joke?

  7. Check “Sister Carrie” cover

  8. David Marjanović says


  9. Wonder what Thomas a Kmepis would say?

  10. Stu Clayton says

    He might say: “I was born in Kempen in the Rhineland.[4] My surname at birth was Hemerken, literally “hammerkin” (little hammer). My father Johann was a blacksmith and my mother Gertrud was a schoolmistress.”

    I didn’t know that “Kempis” refers to Kempen, a small city not far from Düsseldorf.

  11. The snarky captions are great. “Who’s an idiot now?”

  12. Love those interior illustrations, too (part of what makes it a “Platinum edition”, dontcha know).

    I mean, I have to admit I’ve never read The Brothers Karamazov, but I’m inclined to doubt it includes much in the way of 19th Century American Indians, Japanese women in (19th C) European dresses playing the piano, or black women with dreadlocks in tank tops gathering flowers.

  13. “I’m inclined to doubt it includes much in the way of 19th Century American Indians…”

    Svidrigailov in America, a sequel.

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