I have tried the bitter-sweet swarfega and celebrated the Sonorous Enigma, but I have not been able (despite much effort) to find any information about the language of the Flong. If anyone out there can help, it will be much appreciated.


  1. delurking (again!)…

    But you probably already knew that!

    P.S. As an Aussie, I liked the bit about them beating England at Football.

  2. Oi, Lurker, don’t spoil the fun for the punters! Nobody read his comment, you hear me? Don’t read it! Look away now!

  3. Lars (the original one) says

    I should really wait 139 days to post this, but here goes: Now at

  4. David Marjanović says

    Phosphate and oil? Clearly, that must be a hoax…!

  5. Lars (the original one) says


    (Also an island word).

  6. January First-of-May says

    Well, I’m sure someone has done research on the greatest word in Classical Chinese; and people looking for the greatest word in Mandarin would probably be drawn towards the Classical Chinese part of the vocabulary anyway.

    (Though I think there was something on this topic at Language Log… actually, how did LL cover this comic? It sounds like something right up their alley.)

    [They didn’t, apparently – not yet, anyway.]

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