Avva links to a wonderful quatrain at Yulkar’s journal about the rapid change the Russian language is experiencing back in the (former) USSR (or, as the cliche has it, one-sixth of the earth’s surface, though Avva in a subsequent entry suggests that that’s a considerable overestimation). Needless to say, the sentiment can be felt by anyone who’s lived long enough to feel that their language is being hijacked by those damn kids. Here’s my rough-and-ready translation, which doesn’t do the original justice; the latter follows in transcription, because I can’t get the Cyrillic to paste in correctly. You can, of course, see it by following the link.

When they talk, in the Great One-Sixth, I can still
Almost understand what they say,
But the language-bearers are bearing the language
Farther and farther away.

Ya, ostavshikhsya tam, na odnoi shestoi,
Pochti ponimayu poka,
No vsyo dal’she unosyat yazyk ot menya
Nositeli yazyka.

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