I commend to everyone’s attention The Vernacular Body, a recently (re)born blog full of spirited response to life and art. There are wonderful posts on war (I really must read Chris Hedges), Fahrenheit 9-11 (I had the same reaction to the mother’s grief), laupes (I think I may be one), and other deep subjects, but I’m going to quote a fluffy little entry, as lightweight as a souffle, because I love it so:

Separable noun
During our recent trip to Saratoga Springs, K. and I took a turn in one of the beautiful old neighborhoods on a brisk summer afternoon. On a side street, coming towards us on the same sidewalk, was the very picture of familial serenity: a group consisting of a young Chinese couple, a little baby in a stroller, and an elderly lady (grandmama, no doubt).
It was a little gusty out, and as we passed by them, the doting father was draping a windbreaker jacket over his toddler’s shoulders.
“Here,” the young papa was heard to say to his son, “this will help you break wind.”


  1. Thanks, Hat, I needed that, to read those crisp clean lines.
    Where can one find his/her earlier writings?

  2. A little birdie tells me that there are things for the taking at, so you might want to take a look there, Jean-Pierre.
    Hat, I’m humbled to find myself so extravagantly plugged here, at this omphalos of sentient blogging. That was very generous of you, and I’m tickled, well if no quite *pink*, then whatever it is brown-skinned folks are tickled when they’re tickled.

  3. This is what moves me:
    Oh don’t beat the fly
    Her feet hurt
    Her arms hurt
    (don’t remember who. Buson Yosa?)

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