Thirteen Years of Languagehat.

As of today, it’s thirteen years since the first LH post. Amazin’, amazin’! (as Casey Stengel used to say); I vividly remember being surprised I made it to six months, at which point I hoped “to keep everyone entertained for at least another half-year.” The fact that the ship is still afloat is entirely due to the lively commentary provided by my readership, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking around and keeping the conversation going. Me, I have no intention of stopping unless and until I hit an iceberg, at which time life jackets will be issued to all passengers. Like Jack and Stephen, we sail on!


  1. We also just passed post 5500, so this is a double anniversary!

  2. It’s also 10 years (and a couple of months) since you wrote about verse, the verb,, so happy versiversary!

  3. Does that mean LH has entered those difficult teenage years?

    Happy B’day


  4. Jeffry House says

    5500 amazing posts over thirteen years, and hundreds of stimulating discussions, and yet, nary a word in support of Goropius’ original theory!

    His vindication has been infinitely postponed. But yours only grows. Congratulations.

  5. Abdullah El Esairy says

    First comment here but I’ve been a lurker for a while and you’re the best thing that’s happened to me in my life! Seriously! I get a little excited every time “Language Hat” shows in bold on my newsfeed. Happy Birthday and keep rocking!

  6. Welcome, Abdullah El Esairy! Glad you enjoy the company and surroundings. We aim to please!

  7. Happy Bar-Mitzvah!

  8. Many happy returns!

  9. 13 on a Friday, what a great omen!

  10. Huzzah!

  11. I’ll raise a glass to that! L’chaim! !לחיים

  12. Ken Miner says

    Very few blogs where you learn something every time you show up. (I do anyway.) I’m still rummaging around in the archives.

  13. I’m still rummaging around in the archives.

    I do that too, and frequently discover stuff I’d forgotten all about!

  14. Congratulations! Can’t wait for thirteen more!

  15. Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations! I, for one, am glad.

  17. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  18. Congratulations. Now do us all a favor and makes your banner clickable, precious.

  19. Sir JCass says

    Congratulations on becoming a teenager, Hat, although I hope this doesn’t mean you’re going to paint your blog black or have lots of posts discussing who’s the cutest member of One Direction.

  20. Now do us all a favor and makes your banner clickable, precious.

    That functionality was lost in the move to WordPress; my site administrator Songdog (aka He Without Whom LH Would Not Exist) and I discussed it at the time and I forget what the problem was (and doubtless didn’t understand it anyway), but it’s not like we haven’t thought about it. I’m sorry if it significantly impacts your enjoyment of the site.

  21. Yes, the non-clickable banner made me have to move my little mouse-pointer a half-inch or so higher to click on the bookmarklet that navigates me up one level in the domain. A terrible inconvience! (But I noticed it, thought it weird, thought I’d mention it, as I open hundreds of tabs of posts for future reading.)

  22. The banner is clickable at far left.

    Happy birthday, Hat! Always an education.

  23. Breffni: You just made me into a real-life Buridan’s ass. Do I move my mouse-pointer the half-inch to the left side of the banner in order to click it, or do I move it a half-inch to click the bookmarklet, which when viewing any given post will accomplish precisely the same thing? Hee haw.

  24. The banner is clickable at far left.

    Good lord, I never realized that! The things you learn around here…

  25. Omg, it *is* clickable at the far left. This is amazing!

  26. Many congratulations, Steve. Not just thirteen years, but thirteen years full of interesting posts. I can’t remember if I read it from the beginning though, but for at least eleven years.

  27. What’s clickable seems to be the text area on the banner – I use it all the time and I actually don’t remember the times when it might have been different 🙂

  28. Underneath the banner is the text “”, which is what’s clickable. That text is completely invisible (it has nothing to do with the fancy script), and how big it is depends on your browser settings, but for me it extends as far left as the script “g”.

  29. Changing width from 50% to 100% on line 466 of style.css fixes the clickability; I’ve no idea what it might break.

    Also: Happy Birthday, Hat!

  30. Happy blog birthday! The discovery of the banner’s clickable portion is the best present yet.

  31. Nohara Shigeru says

    Happy blogday from me too. Not much time to write just now, but I have to read.

  32. La Horde Listener says

    Umffff! erRRRg… *whew!* Just a sec, now, while I….Oomph…roll out the clapping seal again…Hwoo, that’s heavy… dang’d platform wheels keep getting jammed…. Ah! There we go. Smedley! Wake up, now, Smedley. Come on. Help unfurl some of that kelp, will ya? It looks like you fell into a vat of creamed spinach. Hurry up, you giant slimeball. Put down the little beach ball and clap hello. What’s with the look? Quit your yawning and show a little festivity. Aww-w-w, who’s th’ shiny boy? Who’s got the lively whiskers? Ooh, that’s you! That’s–*? OH! CONGRATULATIONS, Mister Language Hat! You RULE!

  33. *tosses Smedley a herring*

  34. La Horde Listener says

    *Snatches herring away faster than lightning in tight little diamond fist, shoves in mouth and gnaws noisily* Mmph! *slobber* Waited THIRTEEN YEARS for this…*Chomp* Yeah. Time to schlep off to Belgium now, *ulp*, where I gotta wheel out the imaginary cyber rollerskating sheep (shorn with a Mohawk) to celebrate La Horde’s triumphant return from Castlefest in The Netherlands, and I don’t mind telling you I already have my doubts about this gig,*slurp* Mmm. Those rowdy guys came up with some highly questionable things to do with a drunken sailor in those sea chantey lyrics, and I gotta adjust the autotune to Bahh braying settings, and a dozen other things. In the meantime, know you are appreciated. Here’s to your continued 6S (“success!”)!

  35. peter desmond says

    congratulations on your persistence and recurrence!

  36. John Sabotta says

    This is a wonderful site: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (What I say three times must necessarily be true)


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