Every once in a while I check my referrer logs to see if there’s anything interesting, and just now I discovered XIX век [19th century], “Notes on nineteenth-century Russian poetry and prose” (recent posts are on the verb пестовать ”bring up, take care of, support, nurse,” an old translation of Pushkin’s “Prorok,” and Leskov’s story “The Toupee Artist: A Graveyard Story”). From its blogroll I got to The Faculty Of Useless Knowledge (“This Blog is about the love of books and the lack of time to read them all. The title is a homage to the Russian writer Yury Dombrovsky’s novel The Faculty of Useless Knowledge, a novel that shows the immortal value of art and creativity”) and Snail on the Slope, “A collaborative blog on Russian, Soviet, and Eastern European sci-fi.” As it happens, I’m almost finished reading the Strugatskys’ Улитка на склоне, translated as The Snail on the Slope, so the last seemed particularly serendipitous. I’ve added them all to my RSS feed, and I thought some of you might be interested, so here they are.


  1. megazver says

    Do you read Gilliland’s blog?
    That guy is _the best_.

  2. I’m adding it to my RSS feed; thanks!

  3. For anyone who wants to do this, Atom feeds for any livejournal are at http://[username] and for any community at . Unfortunately, there is no link on the pages themselves, so the auto-discovery used by Firefox and Chrome will not display the little orange icon.

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