Today’s Baseball 1908 Style.

I normally spare LH readers my sports enthusiasms, but how can I resist the New York Times‘ pastiche of sportswriting style from 1908, the last year the Chicago Cubs (just beaten by my Mets) won the World Series? The layout of the physical newspaper (complete with black-and-white photographs); the story itself. Apologies to long-suffering Cubs fans and to readers for whom terms like “ducats,” “second-sacker,” and “base-ball” with a hyphen have no particular resonance, but regular service will return tomorrow. (Thanks for the link, Bonnie!)


  1. Not only are there hundreds of references to baseball already, but I actualy declared it permanently on-topic back in 2011, nemine contradicente. Besides, historical prose style is very much part of language: if the story were in Russian, you wouldn’t bother with the apologies.

  2. So you did; prescient of you!

  3. Wow, whatever happened to Michael Farris, in Poland? I just saw him in John’s 2011 link.

  4. Good question. Come back, Michael Farris, all is forgiven!

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