A new blog, translation eXchange, was started in April by a group of translators (and they invite others to join). Their mission:

This is intended as a forum for those interested in translation (and more generally, in world affairs) to post and comment upon relevant articles and information. Anything from political subterfuge to book reviews. Let’s just talk translation.

They’ve recently linked to reviews of translated books and an article by Sarah Enany from Egypt Today about a local prodution of Wilder’s Our Town that is “a translation, not an adaptation: The play retains the original names, setting and even the same music. And this is a good thing, I believe, for two reasons. First, too many translations now are Egyptianized, and in a way it’s a shame. It’s good for Egyptian audiences to really see a piece of foreign culture every once in a while, without a language barrier.”
A very promising site, brought to us courtesy of Transblawg.


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