Presented for your consideration:
Dark Roasted Blend. From the About page: “The ‘Dark Roasted Blend’ is also a part of ‘Thrilling Wonder’ family of sites, dedicated to the on-going quest for Wisdom and Beauty, for all things cool and wonderful in our world, and beyond”; for a taste of the kind of bean that goes into the blend, check out Unusual Books & Book Sculptures: “As for today’s subject – we are covering wildly modified books (which exist mainly for the sake of art), books that are essentially impossible to read, and pieces of art made FROM books (though I have doubts about the last idea. I am one who would rather see “no books were hurt during the production…” disclaimer)” Thanks, Carol!
Ephemera: “exploring the world of old paper.” Sample post: Reminiscenses of a Book Inscription Collector. I forget where I ran into this blog, but it’s a gem.


  1. Thanks for the kind words about the ephemera blog. I appreciate the link love and the kudos.

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