The literary journal Two Lines has been around since 1994, but I only recently discovered it (at the Fifteenth Annual Small Press Book Fair, March 29 and March 30, here in NYC). Each issue is organized around a theme (the three most recent are “Crossings,” “Cells,” “Ghosts”), and they present everything bilingually—completely in the case of poetry, usually only the first page in the original for prose. You can see the complete list of issues here, and clicking on the Contents link will tell you what’s in each (here, for example, is the 2002 issue); most of the actual content is not online, but it’s a venture worth shelling out to support. And if the theme of the next issue appeals to you, you might want to submit something; it’s too late for this year’s “Parties” issue, but I imagine they’ll have a theme for 2004 up soon.


  1. That’s a nice link–thank you.
    I’m reminded of 100 Words, a small journal that used to be published by the International Writing Program at the U of Iowa. Each issue had a theme (Fire, Fate, Passage, etc.) and the entries were limited to, you guessed it, 100 words.
    For some reason, they don’t publish it anymore, but they do have 91st Meridian, which is worth a look.
    (Tried to post this a few minutes ago, but it didn’t seem to take; hope it doesn’t make a comeback.)

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