Another blog with meaty discussions of literature (recent entries on Kobo Abe, Olaf Stapledon, and Ismail Kadare) and music (Bill Dixon, Pierre Boulez) (and I’ll bet not many of you faithful readers out there are familiar with all five names!) is Waggish.org. I have no idea who’s behind this cultural smorgasbord, but I offer them my deepest esteem for bringing to my attention the gorgeous and intricate graphic scores of Barry Guy; I had known him as a wonderful bassist and composer (of avant-jazz among other things), but had no idea he did this sort of thing. I’ve already added it to the “Visual pleasures” section of my blogroll. (I found Waggish via the delightful Geegaw.com.)

Annoyed update (Jan. 2021). Why has Geegaw.com, now dead, “been excluded from the Wayback Machine”?


  1. Not only is Waggish still a going concern in 2021, but its creator has revealed himself as David Auerbach.

  2. David Marjanović says

    I’ve seen “excluded” used to just mean “not included”, even as an attempted euphemism for “overlooked”.

  3. No, I’ve tried sites that just don’t have any Wayback Machine hits and it just doesn’t show any hits — this definitely means “excluded,” and I wish they’d say why.

  4. Lars Mathiesen says

    Didn’t it usually mean that there was a robots.txt with a wildcard in it? They changed the “feature” where a later owner of a domain name could exclude old results, but if the exclusion was in place for the total lifetime of an URL, that could explain it.

  5. Ah, that’s probably it. Bah.

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