Wordgumbo is a remarkable site that collects lexicons for all sorts of languages:

A ‘gumbo’ is a spicy okra-based stew, it also means a particular kind of mud; it is one of the few Bantu (African) words that has become part of the English language, itself a gumbo of a language.
The site is primarily an archive of public domain and redistributable language learning resources. We are also developing special content for the site which will be of interest to language learners, travelers, linguists, and other language aficionados.
There are many sites on the Internet with interactive dictionaries and language learning aids; there are also several freeware dictionary/flashcard programs with extensive vocabulary sets. However, in most cases, these sites shroud their data sets in binary or database formats. At Wordgumbo we’ve done the hard work of converting these data sets into flat files and posting them in one convenient archive, organized by language family.

There are word lists for the major Indo-European languages as well as a number of other families: Afroasiatic, Austronesian, Dravidian, Niger-Kordofanian, and so on. My thanks to Logomacy for drawing my attention to this excellent resource.


  1. Excellent site. I hope in time they’ll increase the number of languages to include more African ones.

  2. it is one of the few Bantu (African) words that has become part of the English language
    I should have added: it’s relatively common to hear Zulu/Fanagalo words spoken in informal South African English. I think the author is referring to mainstream US/UK English.

  3. Cryptic Ned says

    I think the Lithuanian lexicon could use some work.

  4. So is Russian.

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