C. Max Magee of The Millions has an annual tradition of asking people to talk about books they’ve read and enjoyed during the previous year, and he has once again begun the series with my contribution; here it is, featuring my recommendations of Tessa Hadley’s The London Train (P.S.), Karl Schlögel’s Moscow, 1937, discussed on LH here, and the Muireann Maguire books discussed here and here, along with a plug for my man Veltman. Check it out.


  1. I’m ploughing manfully through Russell’s History of Western Philosophy. It’s my third go. I keep finding new things in it. I’m also struck by how well he writes. I recommend it to anyone lacking the courage to take on War and Peace this winter.

  2. You’ve piqued my interest in the Hadley book, but you do know that “P.S.” isn’t part of the title, right?

  3. Huh, it doesn’t appear to be. So why does the Amazon page call it “The London Train (P.S.)”? I was given an electronic version, so I don’t have a physical copy to check. I think on the Kindle it was also called “The London Train (P.S.).”

  4. That publisher appends the “P.S.” designation to books that include supplementary content such as author interviews and discussion questions. Things that might be of interest to book clubs or possibly students, basically. The catalog info they supply to the major book wholesalers and to Amazon must include that as part of the title field; if Amazon cared enough about books, they’d have the sense (and the ability) to strip it out before putting the titles on their site.

  5. How annoying! But thanks for the explanation.

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