Bringing Back the Pilcrow.

Marcin Wichary discusses the history of the pilcrow and explains why he wants to use it on his site,

So I’ve learned about the pilcrow, but it doesn’t mean I immediately fell in love with it.

Here’s the problem: it’s hard to defend pilcrows for some of the same reasons it’s tough to be a fan of the interrobang; both characters have weirdly hostile names but, more importantly, both are often simply doggone ugly.

Sure, “ampersand” as a word comes across as a rejected electricity unit, but at least some amperands are truly works of art. […] [¶] Pilcrow, on the other hand… First, it’s named like a villain in an Ian Fleming novel. Second, I can’t help but think that even some of the most wonderful pilcrows from the designers at Hoefler & Co. seem like they never quite belong (let alone those in other fonts). […]

And yet, I wanted to see pilcrows on Medium.

An enjoyable read; thanks, Paul!

And for lagniappe, here‘s a delightful video of a little girl with a strong Yorkshire accent — thanks, Trevor!

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