I’m not a basketball fan (and it’s a long way to spring training, alas), but as a public service I present this post from

German Racecar is hot, and he’s working hard to get his team to the playoffs. Meanwhile Little Emperor lords over the East and his team just clinched a postseason spot.
Hold on, hold on, what are you talking about? Who is German Racecar? Little Emperor? Well, let us explain: those are NBA players’ nicknames in China.
“German Racecar” is Dirk Nowitzki, his ability to roll on court like a racecar, and he is, of course, from Germany. Meanwhile, China’s Little Emperor is our “King James.” For instance, do you want to know why Tim Duncan is called Stone Buddha? Scroll down.

They even give the characters for each nickname. Nicely done. (Via MetaFilter.)


  1. That’s carrying sports insider talk to a new level. Interesting how many diminutives there are for those big guys: many Xiao X, but only one Lao Y (Old Cat). The Big Z-type monikers are not so surprising.

  2. David Marjanović says

    Cool. Way cool.
    I wonder if “Xiake” is a pun on “Shaq”.

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