Cobwebbing, Rizz, etc.

In their Sunday Style section, the NY Times had a Valentine’s Day spread that included a sidebar on the new language of relationships (well, some of it not so new, like “gaslighting” and “ghosting”). I can’t find it on the NYT site, where it seems to have been replaced by a quiz based on it, but it’s been mirrored at the Irish Times; you can either take the quiz (archived) or go straight to the explanations (archived).

The NYT section also featured an interesting piece called “How Multilingual Couples Express Their Love Across Languages” which is worth a read (archived). Sample quotes: “Their first conversations were in English, but as their relationship evolved, French became increasingly important in communicating affection and romance”; “When we got married […] we each said our wedding vows aloud in our native language: I in English and he, in German.”

Oh, and “rizz” is shortened from “charisma,” which I wouldn’t have guessed.

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